Bulk Order Form Instructions

How to Complete Corporate Bulk Order Form

Thank you for your interest in placing a bulk order with GiftBasketsOverseas.com! Our bulk order form is specially designed to optimize processing and delivery time. Please remember the following tips to fill out the form completely. These are about the most commonly asked about fields.

Learn how to fill-out our Excel based bulk order form in our short, 3 min video.

Customer Information

Fill out each field. Include the email address where you want correspondence regarding your order to go. The name written here will be the official "Sender's Name," and in some cases may be printed on shipping slips or packaging - make sure it's the name of the person you want the recipient to see.

Recipient Information

  • Company name: It's important to specify the recipient's company name, if the delivery location is a business address
  • First Name, Last Name: Self-explanatory. Please don't separate the recipient's names into two fields.
  • Address Line: Include only the house or building number, street name, and apartment number in this field. Please write city, state, zip code in their appropriate fields.
  • Country: Please use the drop down list or type to select the appropriate country.
  • State/Province: Only required for orders to the USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Zip/Postal Code: Most countries require these, although a few don't. Please make sure that your order includes zip codes for all necessary countries.
  • Phone: Include the local phone number for each recipient. Do not use your phone number here. Our couriers may need to arrange a delivery time or get clarification on directions directly from the recipient. This is especially true if one delivery attempt has been made already. Please Note: If any of the above pieces of information from 2 - 5 are missing or incorrect, it will delay the processing and delivery of your order. Verify contact information prior to submitting your order.
  • Product Name: While browsing our website, choose the country of delivery first, then choose the gift you want to send. Not all gifts are available in all countries.